Related Projects

Geoff Pinckney continues to write for the Black Toast Music catalogue, but previous projects are listed below:

Production by Geoff Pinckney

2018Murmurs of EarthNaked FlameVocals, production and mixing
2018Murmurs of EarthHard RainVocals, production and mixing
2018Murmurs of EarthFire Burns Within YouVocals, production and mixing
2017John CostelloWasting My Time (original)Production and mixing. Remix version: writing, production and mixing.
2016Murmurs of EarthTake It All (original)Production and mixing.
Remix version: writing, production and mixing
2015TenekSmoke and MirrorsAlbum writing, recording, mixing and production
2015Shiny DarknessAlbum co-production and mixing
2015Mark Ben Wilson EPMark Ben Wilson EPRecording, production and mixing
2014De La RoseDe La RoseAlbum recording, co-production and mixing
2015Low Tide Theory Facebook PageBig SkyProduction and mixing
2015 -John CostelloVarious original compositions and
cover version
Production and mixing
2012Redwood Falls FacebookAre You ListeningMixing
2007 -Tenek
Facebook Page
‘Stateless’ & ‘On the Wire’ albums
& single releases
Writing, recording, mixing
and production
2005 -Alien SixSee Portfolio for detailsWriting, production and mixing
2004Alien#Six13Establishing Alpha (remixed and
repackaged as Geoff Pinckney with
bonus tracks, ‘Lost For Words’, ‘Close To
Perfection’ and ‘Disreal’)
Writing, production and mixing
1997-2001The Nine'Native Anger’ and ‘Dreamland’
albums and single releases
Writing, recording, mixing
and production

Remixes by Geoff Pinckney

2016Murmurs of EarthWasting My TimeGeoff Pinckney Remix
2016Murmurs of EarthTake It AllGeoff Pinckney Remix
2013SOPHIE Foundation charity EPPunishmentGeoff Pinckney Remix
2012RepublicaChristiana ObeyTenek remix
2011Assemblage 23The Last MistakeGeoff Pinckney Remix
2011TorulIn WholeTenek remix
2011Moon 74Dirty MindTenek remix
2011De/VisionWhat’s Love All AboutTenek remix
2010MeshOnly BetterAlien Six mix
2007MeshCrashAlien Six Kerosene mix
Pre 2000AlphavilleSoul MessiahRadio Edit
The Echoing GreenShe’s Gone TragicCatastrophic Mix
The Echoing GreenDefenderThe Nine mix
IrisDanger Is The ShameRefraction Mix
Neuroactive featuring The NineVisualizeThe Visionary Mix
NeuropaHeavens DescentEarthbound Mix
KajFollow MeSubsequent Mix
Project XThe System Is DeadDefunct Mix

Appearances by Geoff Pinckney

2016De/VisionWho Am I?Backing Vocals
2016De/VisionMorphineBacking Vocals
2016De/VisionGasolineBacking Vocals
2015Airwolf OneGo Big, or Go BustBacking Vocals