Silent Unseen Productions is comprised of musicians Geoff Pinckney and Gary Cantini from the UK.
The duo originally started writing together back in the 80’s as school mates in a band, while making the most of the music technology that was available to them at that time. After various projects, Geoff went on to write for a well established US publisher (BlackToast Music) where his work has been featured in a wide range of US productions for both television and film to include: Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, I Love You Phillip Morris,
CSI New York, Blood Drive among many others.

Fast forward thirty years later, Geoff and Gary are united once again collaborating with renewed synergy. Writing and producing a rather diverse variety of fresh, exciting electronic music that ranges from powerful dance to dramatic and even the exotic esoteric… all with a depth and quality only years of experience can yield. The purpose of creating S.U.P (Silent Unseen Productions) is to write music that excites and inspires
them both, as well as the listener.

What does Silent Unseen stand for?
Like energy that is silent and unseen, it is brought into the visual and audible realm via the use of technology. Geoff Pinckney and Gary Cantini write music from a fundamental love of electronic instrumentation and bring it into this reality using the technology available to them. The results are dynamic and engaging with an underground vibe, sometimes dark and indulgent, but the additional elements of orchestral strings and
vocals add another level giving their productions more emotional content that connects with the end listener.

The songwriting continues…

Geoff and Gary continue to expand their catalogue with some new and exciting material which shows a real diversity in their creative... Read More
October 2018